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Creation Of Educated Drivers And Transport Labours

Nirapad Sarak Chai (NISCHA) established a driving & mechanical training center named Nischa Driving & Mechanical Training Institute. Professional Driving Training is provided in a three months course with licence issued by BRTA for poor and unemployed Secondary School Certificate (SSC) passed youths free of cost. Approximately 800 students have successfully graduated with a professional driving licence from the institute and are currently working as professional drivers both within Bangladesh and abroad.

Goals and Objectives

The main objective is to create educated drivers and put them in the transport sector as vehicle operators who not only will have the practical knowledge of driving but also the ability to understand and process rules and regulations, different road conditions, safety measures and also able to make decisions while driving not based on his own comfort but benefitting every single road user. One of our goals through this is also to reduce the adverse effect road crashes have in our economy not only by reducing road crashes but by creating employment. Our target trainees are the underprivileged and unemployed SSC passed youth who could not continue their studies due to financial problems or get a suitable job due to minimal education. These educated unemployed youth can be given the proper training and their education can be used as an advantage to create a new pool of skilled drivers in the transport sector.

Institute Supporters over the years

Goodyear Tires, Walton, DHL, Jubaili Brothers (UAE)

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